Sony opens up to the outdoors with LinkBuds

Sony is opening up to the outside world and has just announced its new wireless headphones, the LinkBuds, which complete the audio world of the Japanese giant.

Until now, when we mentioned the name of sony in the world of audio, we immediately thought of the WH-1000X, the headphones with active noise reduction par excellence, and the WF-1000X, headphones that are just as effective in noise reduction. Today, Sony surprises the world of audio with a brand new product, the LinkBuds.

An open format

First surprise already, Sony no longer uses convoluted references such as the WH-1000X or the WF-1000X, we are entitled to a real product name, the LinkBuds. Second surprise, the LinkBuds are open wireless headphones. In other words, the LinkBuds will allow users to enjoy their favorite music while being connected to the outside world.

Our products – Ingress, Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom – use augmented reality and real-world gameplay to entertain and amaze our community. Sound is an important component of any entertainment experience, especially in unknown lands. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Sony for the launch of LinkBuds to bring our community new real-world audio immersions. says Archit Bhargava, Director of Product Marketing, Niantic, Inc.

The open format is not new, Apple offers it with its recent AirPods 3 and others have already tried it. But where sony wants to leave its mark on the world of audio, is to think about the uses that will result from it. Thus, Sony hopes to create new sound experiences with its partners, such as Augmented Reality games or new telework modes, etc.

A unique design

The design is definitely differentiating. While many prefer to copy Apple, Sony offers an open circular design allowing a perfect fit while ensuring audio transparency to stay connected to the outside world. This transparency is ensured by this new diaphragm pierced in the center, which makes it possible to clearly hear the surrounding sounds.

With a weight of only 4g, the LinkBuds want to be comfortable and above all to be forgotten when you wear them. Added to this atypical design are small fins that allow the LinkBuds to fit well on different ear morphologies. Too small to integrate physical or tactile buttons, the LinkBuds offer a new Wide Area Tap technology that allows you to control the headphones by tapping in front of the headphones and not on the headphones themselves. Convenient.

Always audio orientation

If the LinkBuds do not offer active noise cancellation, they offer a noise reduction algorithm during telephone conversations to better extract the user’s voice. Besides, according to the Japanese brand, there is high quality sound like on the WF-1000X. By the way is the same processor V1technology DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine)function Adaptive Volume Control to automatically optimize the volume according to the environment. LinkBuds are also compatible with the technology 360 RealityAudio.

And finally, we find the function Speak-To-Chat which detects the user’s voice and automatically mutes their music playback. The LinkBuds support Google’s Fast Pair and Microsoft’s Swift Pair. Likewise, they are IPX4 certified with an announced autonomy of 5.5 hours and a reserve of 12 hours in the case. A quick 10-minute recharge will recover 90 minutes of battery life.

Microsoft Soundscape is innovative audio technology and emblematic of our mission to empower everyone says Peter Lee, CVP of Microsoft Research & Incubations. ” In our collaboration with Sony to integrate Soundscape with LinkBuds, we have found that the careful design of the headphones enhances the Soundscape experience and allows everyone to increase their perception of their surroundings and gain more autonomy in their movements, while enjoying a true experience of listening to the world, hands-free. This is just the beginning and we are excited about our continued relationship with Sony and how our complementary technologies enrich our personal and professional lives. »

Pricing and Availability

The Sony LinkBuds will be available by the end of the month at a price of 199 euros.

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