Sony plans to launch a dozen service games by 2026

This is undoubtedly the biggest video game news of the week: Sony buys Bungie, the famous American studio behind the franchise destinybut also creator of Halo, in a deal valued at billions of dollars. An acquisition that offers a first glimpse into the future of the Japanese firm on the video game market.

During a presentation given to the shareholders of the brand transcribed by the Eurogamer site, the executive vice-president Hiroki Totoki presented the ambitions of PlayStation in the years to come on the market of games as a service—and how the acquisition of Bungie is part of this new business strategy.

Always more service

Bungie’s strengths are therefore not only based on its catalog of successful games, but also on its ability to maintain service games over time. “The strategic importance of this acquisition lies not only in reclaiming the rights to the hit Destiny franchise, as well as the new license currently in development at Bungie, explains the Japanese businessman, ” but also in the incorporation within the Sony group of the expertise and technologies that the studio has been able to develop in the game-service sector. »

Clearly, the PlayStation brand intends to rely on Bungie’s know-how in terms of game-service (with almost a decade of destiny on the counter) to develop its own selection of titles of the genre. ” We intend to leverage these strengths in the development of our game licenses at PlayStation Studios as part of our expansion into the game-as-a-service sector.

Sign of this birth ambition, Totoki says that this collaboration between Bungie and PlayStation Studios will contribute to the launch of ” more than a dozen games-services is expected by the end of fiscal year 2026, in March. Sony intends to make its large first-party studio portfolio work towards this effort: in addition to Bungie’s next game, we already know that Naughty Dog is currently at work on the multiplayer leaning of its franchise. The Last of Us for several years… A project which, for sure, will count a lot in this strategy that is increasingly geared towards long-term profitability.

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