Sony revises PS5 sales downwards for the current fiscal year

Faced with the semiconductor crisis that spares no one, the optimistic Japanese giant must come to terms with the facts. PlayStation fans will also have to resign themselves: the queue to have a PS5 has probably just lengthened.

While projecting its PS5 sales at 14.8 million consoles for the fiscal year ending March 2022, Sony had to lower its expectations. This revision, as one might expect, the Japanese group attributes mainly to the ongoing global semiconductor crisis.

“Due to component supply limitations — particularly semiconductors — and increased lead times resulting from disruption to the global distribution supply chain, we have revised our sales guidance to the PS5 at 11.5 million units, for the fiscal year 2021”, explains Sony’s chief financial officer, Hiroki Totoki.

The bunny and the turtle…

In just five months after its release, the PS5 had achieved a record by becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation console in history. Indeed, between November 2020 and March 2021, 7.8 million PS5s had been sold, compared to 7.6 million for the PS4 over the same period. However, the machine slowed down at the end of 2021, with sales of the PS5 being down on those of its predecessor (over the same duration after launch): 17.3 million against 20.2 million.

In detail, Sony says it sold 3.9 million PS5s in the last quarter of 2021. Over the same period in 2020, 4.5 million units were shipped.

This slowdown, according to Daniel Hamad, a financial analyst taken over by Actugaming, is explained by “significant supply problems”. “It (the PS5, Editor’s note) could not keep pace with the PS4 despite the demand. »

It should be recalled that at the beginning of January 2022, Bloomberg reported that Sony planned to increase its production of PS4 to compensate for the deficit of PS5 on the market, this after having supposedly announced that it would no longer produce PS4 from the end of 2021. Sony has denied both statements.

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Not all bad news

Despite the setbacks facing the PS5, Sony is confident that operating profit from its games business will exceed earlier expectations, thanks in part to reduced expenses and a favorable exchange rate.

In addition, the Tokyo-based conglomerate has revised upwards its forecast for its net profit. It expects this to reach 860 billion yen ($7.4 billion) by the end of the current fiscal year, up about 15% from the projected 730 billion yen (for the full year) last quarter.

The other good news is the recent acquisition of Bungie, the studio behind the famous games Halo and Destiny. The transaction, announced on January 31, cost Sony $3.6 billion. A few days earlier, on January 18, Microsoft had carried out a similar operation revealing the takeover of Activision studios for a larger amount, however: $67 billion.

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