Sony will make three big announcements this week

In recent months, we have heard a lot about Spartacus. The latter designates the code name of a subscription service that Sony concocts in order to compete with the Xbox Game Pass which has had great success with many users. However, so far there are only rumors about it and its official release date.

Lately, Project Spartacus has been in the news again. Indeed, according to the rumors of the corridors, PlayStation should normally present the project during this week. On the other hand, Sony reserves other surprises because it is quite possible that the latter will make two other revelations at the same time. But what could it be?

What we know about Project Spartacus

Since it’s been a while since Spartacus was crafted, everyone is eagerly awaiting its release. Normally, this wait should end this week. Apparently, this new service will consist of a tiered subscription plan, similar to the concept of Xbox Game Pass. According to JeuxBeat, this hierarchy will be done in three levels and with advantages specific to each level.

To be more precise, the prices will be $10 (9 euros), $13 (11.74 euros) and $16 (14.44 euros). So the base subscription is equivalent to the current PS Plus model and opting for the mid-tier will get you the monthly games and access to a catalog of games, probably the Ps Now library of titles. As for the premium tier, by subscribing to it, you will get both of these features along with the ability to stream games and have a trial for new games for a limited time.

PSVR2 and Bloodborne for PS5 and PC

One of the other two reveals could be the PSVR2 hardware. Sony may finally be ready to release pricing and official release date details. The company has planned a release at the end of the year but that remains to be seen given the current shortage of chips. Regarding the prices, it will obviously be more expensive than the original PSVR model costing $499 (450.4 euros). So fans should already be prepared to see exorbitant prices. Bloodborne for PC and PS5 could also be part of the reveal.


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