Sony would have a cinema or series adaptation for Gran Turismo in its boxes

Video games regularly inspire major film studios and TV series, with variable success that oscillates between frankly shameful and passable. After Uncharted, another huge license could find its way to screens.

Sony and PlayStation Studios have not finished flooding cinemas and streaming services with their adaptations of video game franchises. Uncharted showed the way: the adventures of Nathan Drake as a young adult, in the guise of Tom Holland, can be watched, but the film still sounds a bit hollow. It is in any case encouraging for the future, because the manufacturer is far from finished.

Encouraging start with Uncharted

Sony plans to adapt Twisted Metal in the form of a TV series, whose screenwriters (Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) are none other than those who worked on Dead Pool and zombieland. Of course, there is also the series based on the saga The Last of Uscurrently in production and destined for HBO.

Let’s not forget the adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima for the cinema. The surprise game of summer 2020 will be carried by Chad Stahelski, who is none other than the director of John Wick. Damn promising! Other projects are underway, but they have not yet been formalized. At least, not quite! Carter Swan, producer at PlayStation Studios, let slip on his Twitter bio that at least one other title was planned for adaptation on screens.

It is simply Gran Turismo, the famous car racing game. Sony has been trying to set up this project for years, without succeeding: development began in 2013, but since then we have had no news. The mention of Gran Turismo was quickly erased by Carter Swan, but of course too late.

Obviously, we have no details on the adaptation of the game: a film? A TV series ? In any case, the name arouses serious expectations, while Gran Turismo 7 is due out on PS4 and PS4 in early March.

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