soon real blog posts on Twitter?

Twitter is known for the brevity of the messages shared there, but the social network seeks to go beyond simple tweets. A new function allowing to create longer articles could soon appear.

Twitter is perfect for disseminating information quickly and generating engagement. But the social network is not so good when it comes to going into detail and nuance things. Twitter had already responded to this problem by doubling the number of characters a tweet can have, from 140 to 280 characters. But it is still insufficient.

A new longer format in preparation

This is why the principle of threads, these threads of tweets, are so popular: by lining up the messages one under the other, it is possible to publish real blog posts. But Twitter wants to go even further. The specialist of reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong dug into the app’s code, and she discovered that the platform was working on a new “Twitter Articles” format.

The name of this new function strongly suggests that it is for Twitter to offer the possibility of writing longer messages without going through the mechanism of threads which can be complicated to use for first-time users. If these Articles should be accessible to everyone, and not just for Twitter Blue subscribers or certain personalities, there are still many gray areas.

Twitter, which confirmed the existence of this function, could give more details in the coming weeks. We will be curious to see how these articles will be presented. Hopefully they won’t show up in their entirety in the timeline, which might get pretty cluttered if that’s the case!

Will users of these Articles also have access to editing and formatting functions? It will also be necessary to take an interest in the monetization of this format. This change is part of the desire to improve and extend the functionality of Twitter. The service thus bought Revue which, like Bluestack, makes it possible to create, publish and market newsletters… Which are also long formats.

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