Soon you will be able to repair your Mac or iPhone yourself

A few months ago, some rumors reported Apple’s desire to offer its users the possibility of repairing their devices themselves. These hallway noises have just been confirmed today by the company based in Cupertino, California. Apple made the announcement in a press release published on its site. Its future self-service repair program will be available in the United States from the start of 2022. It will gradually expand to other countries throughout the same year.

A first phase reserved for essential components

The program will not allow all problems specific to Apple brand devices to be fixed from the start. It will first focus on the iPhone 12s and iPhone 13s as well as the M1-based MacBooks.

This first phase of self-service repair will also be limited to the repair of a few essential components. These are basically the battery, screen, camera, and other parts that the brand will find useful. Subsequently, other types of repairs and parts will be gradually added to the offer.

Customers wishing to take part in the program will have access to a repair manual and an online store. The latter will allow them to find the said parts made eligible by the program to carry out their repairs.

At this level, Apple has not provided more details regarding the cost of spare parts. However, she clarified that she intends to make credit available to customers. This should allow them to return their used parts for recycling.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer reminded that the purpose of this maneuver is to allow users to have a wider choice in the event of a need for repair. It will also expand access to Apple-stamped spare parts.

He also added that in recent years, his company has done everything to increase Apple authorized repair centers. They have privileged access to original spare parts, various tools and training.

It should also be noted that today there are more than 5,000 Apple authorized service centers. In addition, there are more than 2,800 independent repairers who work with original spare parts and certified tools.

A program intended above all for experienced repairers

You don’t become an electronic repairer in a snap. You have to master certain basics before you can properly repair the productions of a company like Apple. This is why the program is intended above all for repairers with some experience.

Other users will have to continue to use approved centers. These can be Apple stores that other users with the necessary skills. We are entitled to wonder what fly could have stung Apple for the company to make this decision, to say the least, surprising. We are still talking about a company that has made every effort to ensure that only its technicians are able to repair its devices.

Apple has not explained the reasons that prompted it to set up this program. However, according to some indiscretions the company would have yielded to the pressure coming from the part of the American government.

Various measures of the right to reparation have flourished in recent years. They could force Apple and some multinationals to allow their customers to repair their devices themselves. However, they are overwhelmingly supported by several American states, the White House and the Federal Trade Commission.

From there, we could deduce that Apple is taking the lead so as not to face multiple complaints from unhappy consumers.

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