South Korea fails in first 100% domestic satellite orbit

For the general public, South Korea is the country of robots, successful series (Squid Games) and sophisticated smartphones (Samsung), a country necessarily at the forefront of modern technology. However, the world’s 12th largest economy is lagging far behind in certain areas, and in particular in the aerospace sector. Thus, the first rocket designed in South Korea failed to place a dummy satellite into orbit, a procedure that has nevertheless become commonplace in many developed countries (China, USA, Europe, Russia, India, Japan).

Nuri South Korean rocket

This Thursday, October 21, the 47-meter high “Nuri” rocket (real name “orean Satellite Launch Vehicle II”) took off without incident from its launch pad and then separated just as easily from its payload, but the actual orbiting ended in failure. South Korea had bet big on this mission: the project has been in preparation for ten years and cost 1.46 billion euros.

Despite this failure, South Korea has great space ambitions and even plans to send a probe to the Moon by 2030.

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