South Park finds a new studio for its next game

After The Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole, our friends from South Park are back for new adventures.

The friendly faces and nice decent people of the town of South Park invite us to take a breather at THQ Nordic. After the bankruptcy of the former THQ studio, the South Park license had gone for a ride on the side of the French at Ubisoft. Now, she signs her return to the spiritual successor of her original studio. It was during the THQ Nordic conference that the cartoon with trashy humor made a comedic appearance.

At the end of the presentation of about forty minutes, the studio wanted to show the players the extent of its efforts. A simple message explains that the teams are hard at work on no less than 43 games, 26 of which have yet to be announced. But then Randy Marsh’s voice is heard in the distance and a logo South Park Digital Studios made his appearance. Simple teaser all that is more banal, this one still has the merit of arousing our curiosity. So what can we expect from this third game South Park ?

A title that is only in its infancy

Since unveiled so simply, it must be understood that this future South Park game has only just begun its development. Last year, a Bloomberg report indicated that the creators of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone had just started writing a new game based on their quirky cartoon. This information is now official, but it means that teams have been looking into the subject for at least a year, which is a very short time.

On the story side, impossible to know whether to expect a sequel The Annal of Destiny released in 2017. This title has experienced a chaotic development following the closure of the first THQ studio of the name. The game had been taken over by Ubisoft, which still managed to provide quality work up to the height of the first episode. The only deplorable side was the absence of the original French dubbing in favor of a new cast, while all the other localizations had the right to their dubbers. The Bloomberg article, however, referring to a 3D game in the South Park universeit could well be that the studio is taking a very different direction for this new project…

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