SpaceX has finished assembling its super-heavy orbital launch vehicle (Starship + SuperHeavy)

It is ready… to be shown. The “Mechazzila”, this huge robotic arm capable of lifting huge structures, has finished assembling the Starship Super Heavy at the Boca Chica site in Texas. Consisting of the SuperHeavy launcher (first stage) and the Starship rocket (second stage + fairing), SpaceX’s super-heavy orbital launcher really has something to impress all space exploration enthusiasts. The huge machine is indeed 120 meters high and 9 meters in diameter and has a total of 35 rocket engines (29 for the Super Heavy and 6 for the Starship).

Already present on the spot, Elon Musk tomorrow will ensure the exhaustive presentation of its big baby and will detail the roadmap with, we hope, the date of the first test flight. SpaceX plays big (it is the case to say it) with its Starship Super Heavy: the super-heavy orbital launcher is the cornerstone of the Artemis mission organized by NASA (return to the Moon) and beyond, must show the path of human exploration of Mars.

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