SpaceX plans more than fifty launches in 2022 alone!

SpaceX will not be idle this year. The security committee of the NASA confirmed earlier this week that the firm ofElon Musk would be more than overbooked for the year 2022, with no less than 52 launches planned over the period! This astronomical figure is far above the 31 missions carried out in 2021 (+67%) and SpaceX will have to avoid the slightest glitches to fulfill its contract.

SpaceX starlink 1

The most powerful private space firm in the world will in any case be able to count on the bases of Cape Canaveral in Florida and Vandenberg in California, without forgetting of course the massive (and now commonplace) reuse of its Falcon 9 launchers from one mission to the other (the first stage of these launchers can return to land vertically). SpaceX’s progress so far has been spectacular, with the company going from 18 flights in 2017 to 31 flights last year.

In parallel with these commercial missions (placing satellites in orbit, space tourism, Starlinkā€¦ filmmaking) SpaceX continues to collaborate with NASA on the Artemis project, which should bring astronauts back to the Moon within 5 years. Musk’s firm is also working on improvements to its Starship, its giant rocket that foreshadows the type of vessel that will be used to take people to Mars.

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