SpaceX sets the bar high for space missions in 2022

Billionaire Elon Musk’s commercial space company SpaceX (co-founder of Tesla) is dedicated to astronomy and space. It is the first private company to have sent rockets into space, including Falcon 1, Falcon 2, Falcon 3, Falcon 4, Crew Dragon… Moreover, the Crew Dragon is under contract with NASA. Its mission is to supply the International Space Station and, eventually, take astronauts there.

Since its creation, SpaceX has risen through the ranks and has made a name for itself in the aerospace industry. Moreover, it was Elon Musk who established space tourism, his space launcher managed to make four tourists travel in space for several days. And still on this path to success, SpaceX has set itself a big challenge for 2022.

SpaceX plans to launch 52 flights this year

At a meeting this week, NASA’s safety committee revealed that SpaceX has big plans for this year. Apparently, the company aims to send 52 rockets into space by 2022. It would really be a world record if he succeeds. In 2021, the space company managed to launch 31 flights, so this goal in 2022 surpasses last year’s capabilities by 67%.

To do this, SpaceX must imperatively complete at least one rocket flight per week. In other words, the company would be under great pressure and must keep pace. The two main launching pads of the company must also be mobilized just for this. These are the bases at Cape Canaveral in Florida and the one at Vandenberg in California.

Elon Musk’s ambition is felt in the rise of his space business

Without a shadow of a doubt, Elon Musk is a very ambitious person who always sets new goals. Since its inception, SpaceX has not stopped beating its records for the number of annual flights. Until 2016, the number of flights did not exceed ten, then there were 18 flights in 2017, 21 in 2018, 23 in 2019, 26 in 2020 and 31 last year. And to achieve the very ambitious goal of 52 flights for 2022, he planned the Falcon 9.

The Falcon 9 is a stage rocket that can automatically return after its mission and can be reused dozens of times. Some of the components of this rocket can also be reused, especially the fairing pieces. In short, although we don’t have details of the 52 planned launches, we do know that the Falcon will carry out the majority of the missions. However, it is necessary to think of revising it punctually and to add two first floors to it. SpaceX is also in close collaboration with all its partners.


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