Sports equipment on subscription at Decathlon

Why buy expensive sports equipment, when you can subscribe to it? It is the bet of Decathlon which launched a life-size test of a subscription in Belgium and in other countries. Soon in France ?

Decathlon is experimenting with a new formula inspired by the subscription principle that we know well for music or video. For a monthly sum ranging from 20 to 80 euros, the customer can use sports equipment “as a good father”: the repair is in fact the responsibility of the brand. On the other hand, no need to clean the products!

An electric bike for 80 euros per month

During the subscription period, the user has the possibility of replacing his equipment or choosing another item: an electric bike, a paddle, tents… The price of the formula varies according to that of the desired equipment: for a maximum value of 2,000 euros, the subscription will be invoiced at 80 euros; for products not exceeding 1,000 euros, you will have to pay 40 euros. Finally, the 20 euro subscription concerns devices no more expensive than 400 euros.

This test carried out in several Belgian stores as well as in other countries (Decathlon does not specify which ones) is aimed in particular at families with children. The latter often want to be able to experience several sports, which requires specific equipment each time. And then they also grow, which means replacing devices to adapt them to their size.

The sign explains that the offer is not yet very wide but that it is a desire of the group to offer only a small selection of products. However, this is intended to expand. For Decathlon, this is not just a simple test but rather a long-term development that is as good for the company as for the customers, but also for the planet. It remains to be seen when this subscription will be available in France, the group says nothing about it.

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