Spot robot can dance as well as Mick Jagger, and that's a problem

Spot robot can dance as well as Mick Jagger, and that’s a problem

Boston Dynamics is desperate to make its robots cool, as their abilities make them creepy to anyone who dreads the future of Terminator. New attempt, this time with the Rolling Stones as guest stars.

Forty years ago, an album was released that would change the face of rock’n roll forever: Tattoo you, the Rolling Stones! And to celebrate this anniversary, what better than a dancing robot? Granted, that’s a bit of a weird way of celebrating, but it’s also an opportunity for Boston Dynamics to present Spot in a positive light.

Attempted seduction

The automaker, which is now owned by Hyundai, reproduced the choreography of the music video by Start me up, one of the biggest hits of the Stones and which of course is part of Tattoo you. The result is, as always with Boston Dynamics, truly stunning. The copy of the dance, the attitudes of Mick Jagger and even the reproduction of the singer’s lip movements are impressive.

The clip also makes room for the other members of the group, also represented by Spot. In addition to the rest, the video has the luxury of being a lot of fun, which is the goal of the manufacturer: to make its robots friendly to arouse the support of the public. This is also the objective pursued by Hyundai, which speaks of the potential of robots to help us at work, at home, or even to play.

Unfortunately for Boston Dynamics, Spot is also and especially used in the army and the maintenance of order, or for surveillance or mining exploration operations. Far from the fun uses that the company presents to break the barrier of mistrust …

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