Square Enix and Qualcomm announce partnership to create AR games

Qualcomm and Square-Enix just announced today a partnership for the creation of experiences gaming in AR. The studio behind the franchises Final Fantasy and DragonQuest will of course take care of the development of these “experiments”, development which will be based on the SDK Snapdragon Spaces XR from Qualcomm. This SDK is intended for the creation of environments for mixed reality platforms (XR, or VR + AR).


The Snapdragon Spaces XR SDK had been unveiled at the end of 2021, but never before had a studio the size of Square Enix taken hold of the tool. Ben Taylor, the technical director of Square Enix, welcomed this partnership which could give the Japanese studio a few steps ahead in a market still largely occupied by indies: “Square Enix has always been committed to cutting-edge gaming technology to push the boundaries of storytelling, delivering unforgettable experiences for our fans. We invested in XR (Snapdragon Spaces XR, Editor’s note) and we can’t wait to build on Snapdragon Spaces. In particular, we believe now is the right time with XR to innovate on games that we are particularly known for”.

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