Square Enix is ​​not going to drop Babylon's Fall

Square Enix is ​​not going to drop Babylon’s Fall

While one could have considered that Square-Enix hunt as quickly as possible behind its “cooperative action-RPG”, the Japanese publisher intends to support Babylon’s Fall through updates. But for that, he needs player feedback, among other things. Because the latter seem more likely to know what a good game should be made of.

Yes Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin came out shortly before Babylon’s Fall, we could have invoked its case law to take a better view of the new title from PlatinumGames. These two games thus appear to have been created in a mold dating from two past generations. But in the first case, the fun controller in hand would be there.

The problem of Babylon’s Fall, is that no sector brings real satisfaction. Its aesthetic thus tries to shine via a rickety technique, its game principle does not detach from what has been done previously in the genre and, like Chocobo GP on Switch, micro-transactions invade an experience that is paid for at a high price.

Babylon’s Fall: a survey of players to be returned before March 18, 6:00 p.m.

Persistent users of Babylon’s Fall and who still think that a better future is possible would do well to respond to a satisfaction survey launched by Square Enix. Accessible at this address since March 14, this survey focuses mainly on the graphics of the title.

The players of the demo are among those that the publisher considers in its survey, which also asks to specify the progress for a more precise consideration of the answers. After a second page where the respondents will have to express themselves on the appearance of their character, will come the one where their opinion will be asked on the graphics of Babylon’s Fall. With, to begin with, an invitation to give his “level of satisfaction” on the“oil paint brush effect”. Unfortunately, it seems possible to bias the survey, for example by giving the same answer to the questions “Where is your favorite overall style? » and “Which place do you dislike the overall style of?” »

The survey can be completed until Tuesday, March 18, 2022 at 5:59 p.m. It will therefore take some time for Square Enix to really realize that the problem is perhaps not only, or not at all, visual.

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