Squeezie, McFly and Carlito, Cyprien, discover the top 10 most viewed videos in 2021

YouTube reveals the ranking of the most viewed videos on its platform in 2021. On the podium, we find the duo McFly and Carlito with their song for barrier gestures, produced to meet the challenge of Emmanuel Macron. They are accompanied by their companions Squeezie and Cyprien.

The end of the year is approaching, it’s time for YouTube to take stock. The streaming platform has not been idle when it comes to new features, including the one that spills the most ink has just come out. We are of course talking about the disappearance of the “I don’t like” counter, which widely divides users. Never mind, they continue to watch a large number of videos every day.

Precisely, YouTube has unveiled the ranking of the most viewed videos this year. At the top, we find the challenge of Emmanuel Macron launched to videographers McFly and Carlito, which today peaks at 16 million views. Indeed, it only took a few days for the song about barrier gestures to exceed 10 million views. The rest of the ranking is made up of the most popular Youtubers of the moment, namely Squeezie, Cyprien, through Michou and Amixem.

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Top 10 most viewed YouTube videos (excluding music)

1) McFly and Carlito – “I remember” (16 million views)

At the start of the year, Emmanuel Macron challenges McFly and Carlito. If they manage to exceed 10 million views with a video that talks about barrier gestures, he agrees to make another video with them. There followed an anecdotes competition that made a lot of talk about him.

2) Squeezie – 1 second before the disaster… (9.5 million views)

Squeezie and its famous Reddit threads is the recipe for guaranteed success. In this video, the first French YouTuber reacts to videos from the r / TakenOneSecondBeforeDisaster thread, which publishes photos that suggest the worst.

3) Cyprien – PUBS vs LA VIE 5 (9 million views)

For the fifth time, Cyprien makes fun of advertisements that have neither tail nor head by parodying them with the humor that we know him.


Michou is one of those influencers who helped resurrect Pokémon cards. Evidenced by this unboxing which culminates in more than 8 million views, proof that Nintendo’s little creatures still have a bright future ahead of them.

5) Valouzz – Inoxtag jumps into the swimming pool dressed as soon as it arrives at Chalet des Croûtons! # 1 (7.5 million views)

Let’s stay with Team Croûton, this time with Valouzz who films their adventures on vacation in the snow. In this vlog that takes place in the Alps, we find all the ingredients that allowed the group of friends to soar.

6) Kevin Tran – Go on a Diet 2 (7.3 million views)

His first video on the subject had been a phenomenal success, it is no surprise that the second episode knows the same fate. Kevin Tran talks about his troubles with food and his efforts to lose weight.

7) Amixem – WE SLEEP IN OUR BUNKER (0 ° C) (6.8 million views)

Building a bunker is good, but sleeping in it is better! This is the challenge that Amixem and his group of friends set out for themselves in this video which recounts all the stages of this crazy adventure. Guaranteed sensations.

8) Mastu – WE ACCOST PEOPLE BY CAR Feat JOYCA (5.6 million views)

Mastu revisits the concept “Try not to laugh”, this time in the company of his sidekick Joyca and in the car. The goal ? Randomly accost passers-by in the street telling them anything. Obviously, the first to laugh lost.

9) The Upside Down World – Pascal Mon Grand Frère 2 (5.3 million views)

Another parody that hits the mark on the part of Le Monde à l’Envers. It must be said that there is much to make fun of with Pascal the Big Brother, especially since this second episode includes a very special guest.

10) Crankshaft – Pass 1st at 130 km / h: WHAT DOES IT DO? (4.4 million views)

There are questions that we thought we would never have an answer to, but that was before Vilebrequin. The Youtubeur tests for us, at his own risk, what it feels like to go first at 130 km / h.

Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos on YouTube

Of course, numbers take on a whole new dimension when it comes to music videos. In recent years, YouTube has been stepping up efforts to promote its Music offer and these are bearing fruit. Last May, the streaming service surpassed one billion downloads. This is reflected in the ranking of the most viewed clips, which gives pride of place to French rap:

  1. Naps —La kiffance (107.2 million views)
  2. Moha K – Vroum Vroum (100 million views
  3. Soso Maness – Petrushka [93,6 millions de vues]
  4. Alonzo —La Seleção Feat Jul & Naps [77 millions de vues]
  5. Kore, Ninho —My buddy [54 millions de vues]
  6. Tayc —The Time [85,5 millions de vues]
  7. Booba – Mona Lisa Feat. JSX [55,1 millions de vues]
  8. Naps [ft. SCH] – The bandits’ dance [49,2 millions de vues]
  9. Marwa Loud feat. Moha K – Bimbo [43,1 millions de vues]
  10. Wejdene – Think [37,8 millions de vues]

Top 10 Creators Who Gained the Most Followers on YouTube

Finally, YouTube unveils the ranking of videographers who experienced a lightning rise in 2021. At the top of this top 10, we find the duo Michou and Inoxtag, the most famous members of Team Croûton. Squeezie also makes sure to keep his status as France’s top Youtuber by landing in third place. Here is the full ranking:

  1. Michou
  2. Inoxtag
  3. Squeezie
  4. McFly and Carlito
  5. Valouzz
  6. Pidi
  7. Theodort
  8. Crankshaft
  9. Joyca
  10. Mastu

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