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Stadia adds the option to join an uninvited multiplayer game

Stadia players have been waiting for it for a while and it is now available: it becomes possible to join a multiplayer game without having to take an invitation.

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Joining a multiplayer game on Stadia without invitation becomes possible

We can say that Google has taken its time since the concept of joining an uninvited game has been around for years on PC and consoles. We can speak of a basic functionality. And yet, it took almost two years to get it on Stadia.

“Multiplayer games, like Far Cry 6, allow other players to join your game directly from your profile, without an invitation from you. This feature, available only in some games, is disabled by default », indicates Google on its site. To get it, you have to go to the privacy settings and activate the button under Your activity> Current game. To change who is allowed to join the games from your profile, select “All players” or “Friends”. Only players in the group you select will be able to join your game.

This ability to join an uninvited multiplayer game is available on all media where Stadia is accessible. This applies to both the iOS and Android app, as well as the web version from a computer, TV via Chromecast and more.

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