Stadia for Android will soon allow you to watch other players’ games

Google updated the Stadia app for Android. In its source code were found traces of new features that the Mountain View firm could deploy soon. One of them will allow subscribers to see the games of other players live. In addition, the search engine will be significantly improved.

Google Stadia

Stadia could have been the Netflix of the video game. Launched two years ago in France, Stadia is a streaming game service developed by Google that struggles to find its audience. Why ? Because the price is high. It is 10 euros per month, not including the cost of the games. Google offers free access, but this one is quite restrictive, obviously. Fortunately, Google also offers discounts and free games for premium subscribers. You can find here the list of games offered in December 2021.

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Stadia has other advantages than its price list. The service offers a few innovative features that you don’t find on other streaming gaming services, such as PS Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, or GeForce Now. One of them is gaming through Chrome, the world’s most widely used browser. No need to install anything to play. And the functions will continue to grow. Some clues were discovered in the source code of the latest version of android app by Stadia, stamped 3.44 and rolled out this week.

Stadia will soon offer to watch other players’ games

In the application code, three new functions that are still inactive have been discovered. The first is the possibility of watch another player’s game. Since everything is streaming, why would the server only transmit its stream to one client? With this feature, a player could give access to their game to another to watch it live.

The second novelty would concern the search engine. Like the web application, the Android application would include a search engine for easier access to the games in the Stadia catalog. This engine would benefit of course from automatic suggestions, but also from a more complete search including more terms: game name, description, DLC, etc.

Latest news, Stadia 3.44 suggests that Google could offer a new security setting to prevent the application from suggesting replies in integrated messaging. In other words, the application would no longer be able to read the received messages.

Source: 9to5Google

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