Star Trek: Bridge Crew: Ubisoft’s cooperative VR game has been removed from Steam and the Oculus Store

Star Trek: Bridge Crewa very good cooperative VR game that puts each player in the shoes of one of the members of theCompanyjust removed from Steamof the’Oculus Storefrom Rift Store and Playstation Store. Developped by Ubisoft and launched in 2017 on the Rift, SteamVR, PSVR and Oculus platforms, Star Trek: Bridge Crew quickly met with great success… before players deserted the servers. The low number of missions (despite the Next Generation DLC in 2018) but also the competition with other much more popular VR titles has literally emptied the servers, which until recently only hosted a few dozen players at the same time.

Under these conditions, withdrawal from the game seemed inevitable, and yet the lack of popularity would not be the real cause. The end of the contract between Ubisoft and ViacomCBS (which holds the rights to the Star Trek franchise) would indeed explain the withdrawal of the title, but there is little tendency to think that this “chance” of the calendar suits Ubisoft’s business well (the game was never a hit despite the good reviews).

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