Star Wars Eclipse won't be released until 2027 according to latest rumor

Star Wars Eclipse won’t be released until 2027 according to latest rumor

Star Wars the David Cage way, it will not be for tomorrow: a recent report suggests that star wars eclipsethe studio’s next blockbuster Quantic Dream adapted from the LucasArt franchise, won’t arrive until fiscal year 2027-2028. After unveiling its first trailer during the previous edition of the Game Awards, the project would be entangled in problems of lack of manpower, extending its development time initially estimated at ” 3-4 years“.

This new rumor comes straight from Tom Henderson, an American insider who had already leaked the existence of the project in advance in the boxes of the French studio before its release. reveal official.

Few details have leaked out star wars eclipse, Quantic Dream’s next big bet for the new generation of home consoles. A fortiori, the studio should not go off the beaten track, once again betting on an ultra-narrative game, taking place in the era of the High Republic, a new historical period ud canon Star Wars widely promoted by Disney for its new transmedia products. However, although its first trailer didn’t skimp on the visuals, the game would still be in its early stages of production—and would suffer from a lack of manpower within the studio, pushing back its horizon of release around fiscal year 2027-2028.

Star Wars Eclipse and Quantic Dream in need of developers

In any case, this is what Henderson’s sources claim: Quantic Dream would have a hard time recruiting new developers, judging by the dozens of job offers available on its official website. If it is not surprising to see this kind of recruitment announcements when launching a project, the journalist specifies that these announcements would be updated at a regular rate by the studio to distort their seniority. Some of these job advertisements then dated back to… August 2020.

A finding not surprising when we see the reputation of Quantic Dream as much with the players as with the industry. The French studio has been embroiled in a lengthy court case for promoting a particularly toxic work environment, all under the explicit knowledge of its director David Cage.

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