Starfield: new artwork and details on the “credibility” of the game world

Under construction for 6 years, Starfield is still revealed with very small touches less than a year of its release on PC and Xbox Series. Bethesda Softworks finally gives us a new line ofartworks, plus new details on what will make Starfield a believable and realistic sci-fi universe. Angela Browder, Studio Director, Artistic Director Matt Carafano and Tedd Howard, Game Project Manager, discuss the fat on some essential game components, with one main motto: how to bring a sci-fi game to both realistic and credible, gameplay to DA through the very structure of the game’s lore.

The artworks describe several scenes from the daily life of this new universe, and we also glean some interesting information on the gameplay. Thus, the game will be well in the first person and it will be possible to seize all the visible objects and within range, like a Morrowind or a Skyrim, which reinforces the “Credibility” lore according to the term used by Tedd Howard. Starfield will be available on Xbox Series, PC, and Xbox Game Pass on November 11, 2022.

Starfield Artworks 1 1024x576

Starfield Artworks 1024x576

Starfield Artworks 2 1024x575

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