Starliner 1

Starliner: Boeing’s space capsule will (possibly) join the ISS in May 2022

To say the least Boeing Great difficulty in giving birth to her first functional space capsule. Starliner accumulates delays and blunders, practically since the start of its conception. After the failure of the first orbital flight (Orbital Flight Test) in December 2019, Boeing engineers got back to work for many months, until a new test phase scheduled for August this year… phase aborted in epic conditions: the capsule had to be unloaded from the Atlas V launcher following the discovery, in extremis, of problems with the valves and valves of the machine.

Starliner 1

Back in the hangar, the Starliner obviously gave Boeing engineers a lot of trouble, so that the orbital flight to the ISS was finally postponed to the first half of 2022! To ensure its back, this time Boeing has completely replaced the Starliner’s service module which contained the defective valves, the manufacturer not yet being quite sure of the real causes which led to a valve problem during the service. canceled trial for August. How hard!

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