State of Play – Gran Turismo 7: 32 minutes of gameplay, screenshots and info

Gran Turismo 7 will it be the episode of the strong comeback of the franchise against the gleaming Forza Motorsports ? Last night’s State of Play was in any case entirely devoted to the new version lovingly developed by Polyphony Digital. 32 minutes of gameplay, without forgetting in parallel the distribution of an incalculable number of screenshots in high definition of the PS5 version (see below). It was also an opportunity to glean some information about the game. Confirmation is thus made that the display in ray tracing will only be available in the garage or for the photo mode (therefore no RT in the race).


Polyphony digital also seems very proud of its “weather simulation” engine. The changing weather conditions during the race will of course modify the handling of the vehicle). As such, we note the impressive level of detail on the circuits, with very well rendered humidity effects in the event of light rain, or even large puddles of water when the storm breaks out. Even the humidity of the air (or lack thereof) will play a role in driving. This is already well known to Forza Motorsports fans, but it’s a welcome new addition to the PlayStation franchise.

Gran Turismo 7 1

Gran Turismo 7 will also make full use of the haptic capabilities of DualSense controllers. We should thus feel the slightest shock, the slightest unevenness of the circuit, directly at the fingertips. Adaptive triggers will also be supported. We also note the arrival of two new modes, Gran Turismo Café and Museum. Café allows you to learn more about the designers of the most famous vehicles in a cozy atmosphere, while Museum completes this slightly educational part with a virtual museum of the most emblematic vehicles of each manufacturer.

Gran Turismo 7 will be available on PS4 and PS5 on March 4, with over 400 standard vehicles and 90 tracks.

Some screenshots of the game:

Gran Turismo 7 15 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 14 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 13 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 12 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 11 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 10 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 9 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 7 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 4 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 3 1024x576

Gran Turismo 7 2 1024x576

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