Valve Steam Deck

Steam Deck: a tool checks if your games are compatible

The Steam Deck is debuting this week, but are your games compatible? Valve offers a tool that answers this question.

Valve Steam Deck

Valve offers a tool for games compatible with the Steam Deck

The tool to check the compatibility of games can be found at this address. All you have to do is sign in with your Steam account. The list of your games will then appear. Four categories can be displayed depending on the titles:

  • Compatible: from the start, the game works perfectly on the Steam Deck
  • Playable: The game works, but some manual configuration may be required to play it (for example, manually selecting a community configuration for the controller or using the touchscreen to cycle through a launcher)
  • Not Supported: The game is currently not running on the product
  • Undetermined: Valve has not yet checked the compatibility of the game

“The team is currently working on giving you a way to check if each game in your library is compatible with Steam Deck before launch”assures Valve. “We have already started reviewing the titles and will continue these reviews through to the launch of Steam Deck and beyond. This is a continuous evaluation of the entire catalog: the category of a game may therefore evolve.adds the group.

The first Steam Decks will be delivered tomorrow. Only a lucky few will be able to get them on that date. The others will have to wait several weeks.

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