Steam introduces dynamic cloud saves for its console

The release of the highly anticipated Steam Deck has never been closer—and Steam continues to showcase the various new features built into the bike. With the promise of synchronized gaming between PCs and the small (but big) portable console, Steam had to make some technical changes to its cloud-stored save system… And thus introduce the new dynamic synchronization feature for the Steam Cloud .

Synchro in all circumstances

This is one of the most important features of the Steam Deck: the ability to resume a game started on your PC to the Steam Deck, and vice versa. A feature that relies on backups saved in the Steam Cloud—and that will require a new synchronization effort between different devices. In the current Steam Cloud system, you must close your game before seeing the save sent and put online—a procedure incompatible with the Steam Deck and its instant standby system.

To overcome this problem, Steam will introduce an automatic synchronization system within the Steam Cloud. Concretely, this will allow saves to be uploaded to the cloud before the Steam Deck is suspended—and therefore without having to close the game first. The backup can then be downloaded to a PC, then re-downloaded to the portable console once it comes out of sleep mode.

Developer’s Choice

Steam Cloud dynamic synchronization will be directly included in games published by Valve—but it will be up to third-party developers to integrate the APIs necessary for the functionality into the titles of their catalogs… And the publication of a new build of the game There is therefore no guarantee of finding this synchronization in the (very, very) many games that the Steam catalog contains. Without this feature, players will have to close the game first in their Steam Deck before resuming their game on their PC; or continue their game without continuing their progress.

The shipment of the first copies of the Steam Deck is expected for the end of next February.

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