Steam just broke its record for simultaneous users

The last few days have been pretty intense for Valve, which has seen its user base skyrocket this weekend.

Internet users will agree, this Black Friday weekend was madness for just about everyone. If at Geek’s Journal we have brought you some of the best deals, there is one area where business seems to be going for the best as well. This is the PC game, with Steam headlining. This November 27, Valve’s platform also broke its record of simultaneous connected users.

In total, 27.1 million players took advantage of this weekend to play or buy games at a lower cost on Steam. A record that breaks the one already established last April of 26.9 million simultaneous players. A popularity that has grown steadily since the start of the global pandemic, when many people have taken refuge in video games for nearly two years. This record has also been broken more than 6 times in this same period of time.

If you’re curious, you can view a large portion of Steam’s stats through this open web page. We can thus see that this peak was even exceeded the following day, with 27.3 million users on November 28. There is no doubt that PC gamers had good deals before the end of the year and that they mostly took advantage of the cold to stay at home and play their favorite video games.

In the most played games on the platform there are several titles that are struggling to give up their place in the rankings, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which remains number 1. But we also find the titles Dota 2, developed and published by Valve, or the battle royale PUBG and Apex Legends. However, we do not find anything new in this ranking, and this is not surprising in view chaotic launches in recent weeks.

Indeed, there was no risk of finding in the top 5 of the most played games titles like Battlefield 2042, or eFootball 2022, which collect some of the worst ratings on the platform.

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