Steven Spielberg wants to make a whole new genre for him

Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors of all time, and with more than 50 years of career behind him, he does not seem satisfied with his work and wants to continue shooting.

Known to be the origin of Jurassik Park or the saga Indiana Jones, which made a part of its fame around the world. Director Steven Spielberg is a true jack-of-all-trades in the world of cinema. Recognized as one of the best of all time, he has had a series of successes and likes to take on new challenges even after a career spanning more than 50 years.

What could be better then, than to immerse yourself in a whole new genre. Something he has never done before, but which was nevertheless a real golden age of cinema. It is surely from this reflection that Spielberg took the reins of the musical. West Side Story.

The director with eight Oscar nominations for best film therefore likes to take on new challenges. And while his musical seems to have met with critical success, the director seems to be already on a new project. Indeed, the latter would be about to shoot a western.

Another iconic genre in the history of cinema, westerns made the heyday of cinemas at the end of the Second World War. In a recent interview with Yahoo, the director, today in full promotional tour for his musical which is due out on December 8, ensures that one genre of films is missing from his list: westerns.

Spielberg: a breathtaking career

According to him it is the last kind of film that he has not yet approached, and he even confides to have some “Many in development” without giving much more detail. After taking off his career with jaws in 1975, Spielberg produced the sagas that we all know, Indiana Jones and Jurassik Park.

In the same year 1993, date of release of the first film on dinosaurs, the director surprised the critics and his audience with Schindler’s List. A memorable biopic that looks back on the worst times of humanity. After a second historical film on the second world war with We have to save the soldier Ryan, Spielberg ended up returning to science fiction, which for years had been his favorite field.

Already known to have been behind the camera while filming AND in 1982, the director returns with war of the Worlds. After a more than fulfilling career, the director still seems to be thirsty for film and it could therefore be that the latter continues his life in the studios with a western.

If no official information on this subject has yet been given, it is possible that Spielberg will still surprise his audience in the coming months by announcing the launch of a western shoot, immediately reviving an interest in this genre neglected by the big productions for years.

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