Steven Spielberg’s next film is revealed on video

Steven Spielberg is back ! A year after his remake of “West Side Story”, the famous director reveals ” The Fabelmans », his new film. Universal Pictures unveiled a first trailer for the feature film which promises to be magnificent and full of emotion.

Inspired by the filmmaker’s youth

In “The Fabelmans”, Steven Spielberg tells a bit of his story. The film is indeed inspired by the filmmaker’s youth: the story takes place in Arizona, in a post-World War II era. We follow Sammy Fabelman who develops a real love for cinema from an early age after his mother gave him a camera. This passion will help her overcome a huge shock when Sammy discovers a shocking family secret.

A wonderful trailer

“ET”, “Empire of the Sun”, “Schindler’s List”, “Saving Private Ryan”… Steven Spielberg is known for his grandiose and moving films. The trailer for “The Fabelmans” promises a feature film in the same vein with a magnificent story, as well as endearing characters. Even more, this new film is a declaration of love for cinema on the part of Spielberg: we discover Sammy’s fascination for films and his desire to create them. You can see the wonder on people’s faces when they discover the young boy’s work.

The film’s trailer is simply superb: whether it’s the images, the music or the excerpts, the video is really emotionally charged. “The Fabelmans” is worn by Paul Dano and Michelle Williams and stars as Burt and Leah, Sammy’s parents. We also find Seth Rogen as Benny, Sammy’s uncle. The main character is, meanwhile, played by Gabriel LaBelle, a new kid in the business. See you in French cinemas end of January 2023 to discover “The Fabelmans” by Steven Spielberg.

Official trailer of the movie The Fabelmans (VO)

Source : Youtube

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