STOP! Meet the antivirus that protects your Mac against even the most stubborn cyberattacks

To browse the Internet safely, nothing beats an effective antivirus. If you have an Apple computer, you can also take advantage of a good plan that allows you to acquire the best Mac antivirus on the market, published by the French company Intego, at a low price.

When using a computer, it is strongly recommended to use an effective antivirus. Indeed, these days, the majority of Internet users expose themselves in one way or another to the risk of cyberattacks, such as phishing attempts, ransomware, and other types of threats. If you have a PC running Windows, there are many solutions available.

Among them, we can mention McAfee, Bitdefender, Avast, etc… But if you have a Mac, you may be wondering what is the most suitable cybersecurity solution. In this area, the French publisher Intego stands out from the competition. The latter specializes in software dedicated to Apple computers. And its antivirus for Mac has been a resounding success for several years now.

I use Intego antivirus

In addition to having been adopted by more than 30 million users worldwide, Intego antivirus has received numerous awards from several cybersecurity experts. It is not for nothing that AV-Test, after having tested it, ranked it “best antivirus for Mac on the market”. Usually, you have to pay 49.99 euros for a year-round license. This weekend, Intego’s Mac antivirus is only 19.99 euros.

For this modest sum, you have the assurance of having a protected Mac, and will be able to sleep peacefully when you use it. It is better to invest a small sum and have an effective solution rather than turning to free antiviruses which, in no case, offer a level of security as high as that of the pro versions.

Why Choose Intego Antivirus for Your Mac?

As we said, Intego is the best publisher to protect your Apple computer. Thanks to great expertise acquired over the years (the publisher has been present on the market for 25 years), its antivirus is able to protect both private and professional machines. The latter also incorporates an intelligent firewall for effective protection, whether at home or on a public network.

The confidentiality of your data is also well kept, thanks to a system that avoids the collection of the latter by third-party applications. Very easy to use, its interface is designed to offer you the best level of security, while giving you a global and detailed overview of everything that happens on your Mac.

Intego’s antivirus for Mac is the best on the market since it is able to detect, identify and also eradicate the various threats – even the most recent and the most stubborn. Its other strong point is its discretion. Once in action, it does the work without disrupting your productivity.

It is in no way intrusive, as is often the case with many other antivirus software which display unnecessary pop-ups. And finally, Intego’s Mac antivirus is offered at an ultra-competitive price. It’s clearly the best choice you can make for your Apple computer.

If in addition to securing your machine you want to optimize it, you can opt for Intego’s all-in-one solution. The latter is called Mac Premium Bundle X9. It integrates the Intego antivirus for Mac as well as a suite of essential software. And in addition, the Mac Premium Bundle X9 from Intego is also on sale at 29.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros for one year.

For this contained price, you have the Washing Machine X9 cleaning software, to clean and speed up your Mac up to 3x. ContentBarrier X9, parental control software for online child safety. And Personal Backup 10.9, a bootable backup tool for Mac that, among other things, automatically backs up all the files essential to the proper functioning of your Apple computer.

As you will have understood, it is the perfect tool for Mac users. Finally, in the same way as its antivirus, Intego gives you 30 days of free trial so that you can try its Mac Premium Bundle X9 solution. And finally, all the subscriptions offered by the French publisher are not subject to any commitment. You can cancel them whenever you want, at no additional cost.

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