Stranger Things and Resident Evil, here is the July program

Summer will be hot on Netflix. Series and films, discover the program for the month of July on the platform.

For this summer, Netflix has many productions in stock. The platform no doubt wants to ensure that its users do not abandon its catalog in favor of barbecue evenings and other festivities, so it is thinking big. between the return of Stranger Thingsthe output of resident Evil and the arrival of the blockbuster The Gray ManNetflix subscribers should have no trouble finding what they’re looking for.


  • Stranger Things 4 (Volume 2) – July 1

It’s almost time for the big fight for Eleven and her friends. After 7 episodes full of twists and turns, season 4 returns for a final installment that promises to be just as thunderous. The future looks terrifying for our characters. But that’s just the beginning…the beginning of the end.

  • captain (Season 2) – July 8
  • The night will be long – July 8
  • Boo, bitch – July 8
  • resident Evil – July 14th

Almost 30 years after the detection of the T virus, an epidemic reveals the secrets of the multinational Umbrella Corporation. A series inspired by the video game horror franchise.

  • Remarriages & Desires – July 15th
  • Farzar – July 15th
  • Virgin River (season 4) – July 20
  • Bad Exorcist (Season 2) – July 20
  • In glass and against all (Season 3) – July 22
  • To breathe – July 28
  • The Beauty of Jerusalem (Season 2) – July 29


  • The misfit – July, 1st
  • Pattaya – July, 1st
  • The Kaira – July, 1st
  • Victor and Celia – July, 1st
  • Harriet -July, 1st
  • The Snowman – July, 1st
  • Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between – July 6
  • The Sea Monster – July 8

A little stowaway and a legendary sea monster hunter navigating uncharted waters will embark on an epic adventure…and go down in history.

  • Creed: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa & Creed II – July 9th
  • For you – 11 July
  • Under the Amalfi sun – July 13
  • Yesterday – July 13
  • The Invisibles – July 15th
  • Persuasion – July 15th
  • Marie Francine – July 15th
  • Are the fairy tales over? – July 18
  • The Gray Man – 22nd of July

When the CIA’s most gifted mercenary accidentally uncovers the agency’s dark secrets, a former fellow killer with psychopathic tendencies puts a bounty on his head. Then begins a manhunt that will put assassins from all over the world on his trail.

Directed by the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame), this action thriller will feature Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling as the two mercenaries. We will also cross the road to Ana de Armas (At Knives Out) and Regé-Jean Page (The Bridgerton Chronicle). Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist) will also be there.

  • Our bruised hearts – July 29


  • Journey to the edge of the mind – July 12
  • DB Cooper: where is the hijacker? – July 13
  • Shimon Peres: the man who dared to dream – July 13
  • Street Food: USA – July 26
  • The most hated man on the internet – July 27

You are now ready to discover a slew of new productions on Netflix. The month of August should not be less busy on the platform, since we are waiting, among other things, for the release of Sandmanadaptation of the eponymous graphic novels.

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