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Stranger Things season 4: date, plot, cast…

It’s almost time to find Mike, Eleven and friends for new adventures. Ahead of Season 4’s release, here’s everything you need to know about Stranger Things.

Everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait, but now it’s starting to get long, very long even. Almost three years after the last burst of episodes, Stranger Things is preparing its big return to our screens. If you have some memory lapses, here’s what to know before watching season 4.

The pandemic will have had a major impact on the film industry. In addition to condemning cinemas to keep their doors closed for several months, the coronavirus has also delayed the development of many projects for the small and big screen. This is the case on Netflix, with season 4 of Stranger Things which has accumulated many delays in its production. Result: it took almost three years to find Eleven and her friends.

A season 4 that sees double

Netflix isn’t really one to drag things out. While its competitors are still betting on a weekly availability, the platform has understood that its core target was not patient. To satisfy their voracity, it offers all the episodes of a season on the day of release.

The opportunity for spectators to binge the seasons, and to move on. This model has some exceptions, often series produced by TV channels like SnowPiercer or more recently Better Call Saul.

Nevertheless, Stranger Things being the platform’s mothership, one could expect to devour all ten new episodes in one fell swoop. Netflix does not hear it that way and announces that there will be two parts to this season. The first five chapters will be available from next may 27, while the final five will be added on July 1. A few weeks to properly digest these new adventures before concluding this section.

joyce and murray
Credits: Netflix

The end is near…

Season 4 of Stranger Things won’t be the last, but the conclusion is near. The creators recently confirmed that the next round of episodes will be the last. In a press release, the creators explained:

“It’s also the beginning of the end. Seven years ago, we planned the entire Stranger Things story arc. At that time, we planned for the story to last four or five seasons. Ultimately, the story is too big to fit into four seasons, so it will be the penultimate.”

new monsters

It’s been three years since we’ve seen the characters of Stranger Things, so it would be a good idea to summarize a bit what happened earlier in the series. After an epic battle against the Mind Flayer, in the heart of the Star Court Mall, several heroes have perished. This is the case of Billy who sacrificed himself to save his sister and his friends.

Possessed throughout the season by the monster, he finally managed to get rid of his grip to come to the aid of Mike, Eleven, Dustin and the whole gang. We were also able to discover a little more about his youth, with a family far from tender. A way for the screenwriters to offer him redemption in the eyes of the spectators to better prepare for his death.

Speaking of death, here’s another one whose death brought many tears. To save Eleven, Joyce and everyone dear to his heart, Jim Hopper made the ultimate sacrifice. He threw himself into the lion’s mouth to close the gate. Is he dead ? Nothing is less certain since the post-credits scene transported us to the USSR where an American has obviously taken up residence.

Mike, Jonathan, Will
Credits: Netflix

In a base of the Russian army, Jim Hopper will obviously try to find his relatives. You could also see that a “demo-dog” had taken up residence in the Soviet country. A weapon that could play a decisive role in the middle of the Cold War.

As for the rest of the troop, it is separated after the move of the Byers family. To start fresh, Joyce takes her children and Eleven away from Hawkins. We should nevertheless find them in season 4, as spring break approaches.

Reunited, the friends will once again have to face a strange creature. The title of an episode gives us more details about this new antagonist. Once is not custom, the series is inspired by the famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. This is Vecna, a wizard who has become a deity in the licensing universe.

In the game, Vecna ​​is a wizard who has inflicted multiple tortures on himself to turn himself into an undead. A sprawling and occult creature, which could well give our characters a hard time. You can also see it in the latest trailer.

Besides, we should explore Eleven’s past at Hawkins Lab. Season 2 had touched on this aspect a little, by introducing us to other child guinea pigs, before passing this part of the plot in silence with season 3.


In the casting, we will obviously find Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbor and Winona Ryder. Joe Keery, starring in Free Guy, will also be there and will play opposite Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton and Gaten Matarazzo. New actors have also been recruited starting with Amybeth McNulty. The actress who distinguished herself in Anne with an E will play Vickie, a new student who will befriend the merry band. Added to this already extensive list, Grace Van Dien (The Village), Robert Englund (Freddy: Claws of the Night), Jamie Campbell Bower (The Mortal Instruments) and Myles Truitt (Black Lightning).

Behind the camera, we will find regulars since Shawn Levy will be there again. The director of Free Guywhich will also feature Deadpool 3, had signed several episodes of the previous seasons. The scriptwriting remains in the hands of Matt and Ross Duffer and their team. They should also do a pass behind the camera, as tradition dictates.

stranger things new characters
Credits: Stranger Things

Still a wide universe to explore

If the end is not far away for Stranger Things, the universe should not remain untapped for very long. In the press release announcing the conclusion of the series, Ross and Matt Duffer had already discussed the rest of the adventures in the Upside Down. Without specifying what forms its derivative productions could take, the two creators explained that there was “still many exciting stories to tell in the Stranger Things universe. New mysteries, new adventures and unexpected new heroes.”

While waiting to discover more on the question, we will be happy to discover the new adventures of the Hawkins children on Netflix from next may 27.

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