Streaming availability of theatrical films will accelerate

Everyone should find what they are looking for in the new media chronology negotiated after a fierce struggle between the cinema industry and Canal +. The movies will be available sooner on the encrypted channel, while streaming platforms will also benefit.

In France, films released in theaters must wait up to 36 months before being visible on Netflix or Prime Video. This is one of the consequences of the media chronology in force since 2018, that a new agreement between Canal + and the industry will dust off: it shortens the time between the theatrical release of a film and its streaming to 15 months. only.

15 months instead of 36

The media timeline had been renegotiated for several months. According to The echoes, an agreement was finally reached. Canal +, the most important financier of French cinema, undertakes to pay around 200 million euros per year for three years for the production of French and European content. The group obtains in exchange the possibility of showing the films 6 months after their release in the cinema. It is two months earlier than now.

Canal + then retains the exclusivity of the films for nine months. Then, it is the subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms that take over: a much shorter period which will certainly never prevent piracy. But who will greatly speed up the distribution of feature films on very popular platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video!

The chronology of the media is a mechanism imagined to financially support French cinematographic creation, a cultural exception therefore, which allows French cinema to maintain great vitality. This revision of the timeline, which should come into force in 2022, will boost the distribution of films on streaming services. But the latter will have to commit in turn to participate in the financing of the French sector, and at present they have not validated this agreement.

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