Strengthening your muscles could reduce the risk of death

We have often been told that playing sports is good for your health. A new study reinforces the idea that sport, especially weight training, brings benefits to our body. According to the results, devoting between 30 to 60 minutes per week to muscle-strengthening exercises could be enough to significantly reduce the risk of mortality.

According to an analysis of 16 previous studies, spanning up to 25 years of research and sample sizes of up to around 480,000 people, muscle-strengthening activities are associated with a 10-20% lower risk of death. All causes of death are considered, including more particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Other studies had shown similar results before, but here the scientists looked at the optimal amount of strength training to minimize the risk of death.

30 to 60 minutes per week at least?

So far, the influence of higher volume weight training on mortality is unclear. Moreover, even if the link seems obvious between exercises and longevity, the causality hypothesis is still difficult to confirm.

In any case, the WHO recommends the practice of strength training for at least 2 days a week. These exercises are generally good for your health, and the duration of 30 to 60 minutes offers a new perspective on them.

To combine with cardio for a better result?

One of the questions we could ask ourselves is how much cardio exercises can impact the body when we add muscle strengthening to these exercises. Following the analysis of three studies which combined the two sports practices, a reduction of around 40% in the risk of mortality was observed.

Most of the studies analyzed were conducted in the United States and were based on observational rather than clinical approaches. In addition, research and available data have been limited. A study on a larger population is therefore necessary to obtain more information on the subject.

SOURCE: sciencealert

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