Sunbreak takes date for next June

Hunters of all countries, unite: Capcom has just presented Sunbreakthe new content expansion for his game Monster Hunter Rise available on Nintendo Switch and PC. It was during a “Digital Event” (don’t understand a simple livestream here) that the Japanese publisher detailed the new features to come (new quests, environments and more) in Sunbreak and revealed its release date, scheduled for next summer.

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It is therefore next June 30 that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be coming to Switch and PC. Sunbreak will pick up where the base game monster hunter rise stopped, near Kamura Village and its headquarters: you will need to have completed the scenario of rise before you can jump into this new content expansion. The latter adds a plethora of new features for those who have already sanded the game from top to bottom, including an all-new play area.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak embarks on Elgado

Hunters will be invited to visit the kingdom of Elgado and its Citadel, the new game hub for the expansion Sunbreak. It is from this base that players will embark on this new adventure which will see the introduction of new environments and other biomes, but also new creatures to hunt, of course.

Among them, we will find Malzeno, an Ancient Dragon who signs his first appearance alongside Lunagaran and Garangolm, but also former heads known to fans of the franchise like Astalos, already seen in the Monster Hunter Generations episode. A new difficulty for the missions, soberly titled Master, will also be available for players looking for a challenge.

Finally, the famous Filoptera star of monster hunter rise are not to be outdone, with 14 new silk bonds planned for weapons in the game. This new set of movement promises to expand the offensive and movement capabilities of players, without further information at this time. Capcom assured that new details will be provided in the months preceding the launch of the extension, expected for the month of June. Its arrival will be accompanied by an update on Switch and 13GB PC – you will have to be prepared to make room for it.

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