Surfshark breaks prices with its new (and recommended) offer

Quickly discover this Surfshark VPN offer to ensure your security and anonymity on the Internet at an unbeatable price.

Although the start of the school year is over, VPNs continue to offer very attractive offers to allow you to equip yourself at a low price. And one of the best software in the business – Surfshark – is no exception, currently showing an 81% discount on its 24-month subscription.

If you are new to VPNs, know that they are tools designed to keep you safe online. To do this, they protect your personal data and preserve your privacy on the net in order to protect you from all dangers. Also, they offer other very practical features, such as bypassing geo-blocks to access the sites of your choice.

And as we said, Surfshark offers its services at knockdown prices for only 2.14 € per month. To find out more about this offer, visit its official website:

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Surfshark, among the best VPNs in the world

If you are new to Surfshark, know that this VPN is one of the best performing. Its very well-designed application ticks all the boxes to bring protection and freedom to the Internet.

Once installed and activated, Surfshark encrypts all data entering and leaving your device (such as your passwords or even your bank details) using the robust AES-256 algorithm.

At the same time, this VPN completely conceals your IP address, so that your identity and location cannot be revealed. But the security provided by Surfshark doesn’t end there.

This VPN indeed offers an option called Kill Switch, designed to suspend your traffic in the event of disconnection from the VPN. Thus, you will not be able to browse without protection without knowing it. And even beyond your security, Surfshark has something to win you over. Thanks to the vast network of more than 3,200 servers that the VPN has, you will be able to do a lot of things.

For example, by connecting to the VPN locations of your choice, you will be able to change the location on Netflix and access new content, but also bypass the censorship practiced in certain countries, and even access your French services from abroad. .

The Surfshark application allows you to do all this simply from an intuitive interface fully translated into French. Moreover, it is supported by most operating systems (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux). If you want more information about it, feel free to read our full Surfshark VPN review.

The VPN package at -81%, an opportunity not to be missed

The good news is that at the moment Surfshark has a very good promotional offer. You will therefore be able to take advantage of all its services at an unbeatable price. Indeed, Surfshark displays an immediate reduction of -81% for any subscription to its 24-month plan.

Thanks to this offer, the price goes from more than 260 € to a single payment of only 51 €. This allows you to save more than 200 €. And if you find it difficult to realize what this can represent, know that at the monthly level, this offer lowers the cost price to only 2.14 €.

You will agree, this offer is very interesting, especially as it includes unlimited simultaneous connections. Enough to install and use the VPN on all your devices without spending a cent more.

But Surfshark understands that such a long commitment can make you hesitate. That’s why this VPN offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee so that every new user can test the app. If you’re not satisfied, just ask customer service, which is available 24/7.

So what are you waiting for to jump at this opportunity?

Take advantage of the Surfshark discount

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