Switch OnLine add-on trailer is the lowest-rated Nintendo video on YouTube

Switch OnLine add-on trailer is the lowest-rated Nintendo video on YouTube

Nintendo generally enjoys a great deal of benevolence on the part of the players, having regard of course to the incredible number of franchises created by the manufacturer. But when the business gets out of hand, the fans know how to make themselves heard!

The least we can say is that the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online additional pack did not go as the manufacturer would have liked. Available since October 16, this pack allows you to play N64 and Megadrive titles, for € 39.99 per year (or € 69.99 per year for a family account).

Anger against Nintendo

Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendo has botched the emulation of games a bit, especially the N64. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in particular enraged quite a few gamers because of the, say very average, quality of the graphics. As for Mario kart 64, some outright deplore lag problems and even a screen refresh not up to standard.

While we are still waiting for Nintendo to express itself on the subject and above all to correct the first bugs, fans have decided to throw their anger on the trailer presenting the additional pack. The YouTube video exceeds 160,000 inches down, compared to just under 20,000 inches up. In doing so, she does better (or worse) than the trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force which at the time had also enraged many players.

It must be said that these bugs are the straw that broke the camel’s back. The additional pack, which costs twice as much as the classic Switch OnLine subscription, offers a very small selection of N64 and Megadrive games. This leaves a lot of leeway for Nintendo, which will be able to add more over time and make the formula more attractive. But the early adopters are not actually spoiled.

In addition to the usual Switch OnLine functions, the additional pack also includes the first paid DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons, which will be playable on November 5 (an expansion billed at € 24.99).

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