Taika Waititi to adapt cult sci-fi comic to cinema

The comic book phenomenon of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius has found its director in the person of Taika Waititi, already at the head of several MCU films, and of an upcoming Star Wars.

It’s a big surprise for lovers of the ninth art: the cult comic book of the 1980s The Incal will soon be entitled to its adaptation to the cinema. Imagined by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, the comic strip has already found a director, and he is not unknown to the general public: it is New Zealander Taika Waititi.

If his name means nothing to you, it is notably to him that we owe certain Marvel blockbusters, and in particular Thor: Ragnarok and its next sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. The talented director has other strings to his bow, since he is also at the origin of Vampire in complete privacy, and the Oscar-winning adaptation of Jojo rabbit, released in 2019. Very close to the Disney stables, Taika Waititi will also direct one of the many Star Wars films planned by the firm with big ears. It is also to him that the company would have chosen to turn to make the film inspired by the Disney attraction. The Tower of Terror.

It is therefore alongside Jemaine Clement and Peter Warren that Taika Waititi is preparing to adapt The Incal At the movie theater. An ambitious bet for cult comic first appeared in the magazine Screaming metal in 1980. Building on its success, the work imagined by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius had finally given rise to six albums and several other derivative comics, such as Final Incal and The Caste of Meta-Barons.

The Incal, king of science fiction

Considered today as one of the most famous science fiction comics, The Incal traces the adventures of John Difool, a detective in decline who meets the Incal in spite of himself, a mysterious being with strange powers. The opportunity for the character to dive head first into a series of crazy and resounding adventures. A genre reference, with wacky and burlesque humor, which should perfectly match the characteristic style of Taika Waititi.

For now, no release date has been announced yet. The success of the SF epics with the recent Dune, however, leaves no doubt as to the announced success of The Incal, that we can hope to discover in a few years on the big screen. Waiting for, the most impatient will only have to wait until November 17 to discover Kill Dog Head, the new album from the character’s universe called Jodoverse.

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