TCL improves its connected glasses with the new NXTWEAR S

The future of augmented reality and virtual reality is in products that are as light as they are discreet. While waiting for connected contact lenses, glasses seem to be the best candidates for democratizing these technologies.

VR headsets like Meta’s Quest are on the rise, but these devices are too big and bulky to wear and use all the time. If the industry wants to go further and impose the idea of ​​the metaverse on the general public, it must develop much more portable products: glasses, of course! Miniaturization technologies are not yet fully developed, but manufacturers are getting closer.

More discreet and better thought out

This is the case of TCL which, on the occasion of the IFA, unveiled the NXTWEAR S, glasses which succeed the NXTWEAR Air presented at the beginning of the year at CES. This new model incorporates two micro OLED screens in 1080p, as well as front and corrective lenses for those who need them. One of the novelties compared to the previous version is the presence of a volume wheel located on the left temple.

A new magnetic Pogo pin connector, placed on the right temple, facilitates the connection to the smartphone and the computer. The NXTWEAR S are not completely autonomous, they always need to be connected to a third-party device to retrieve the content to be displayed on its miniature screens.

The NXTWEAR S, which looks like a chunky pair of sunglasses, also benefits from an improvement in image quality with more intense and vivid colors. The speaker design has been revised to deliver more accurate sound. There is also a new high and low frequency adjustment for the audio function, which improves the portability of the product.

TCL intends this range to be used for commuting to work, air travel, home theater or office work. The product will be available by the end of the year in a few countries, France was unfortunately not mentioned.

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