Teachers overwhelmed by children with mental disorders

Teaching children with mental disabilities requires a precise know-how and a maximum of patience. This is why specialists in Journal Royal Society of Medicine (United Kingdom) emphasize the importance of offer help in the various schools in order to meet the needs of these special children.

Efforts have already been made by the authorities in this area. For example, the British government offers training for mental health awareness for one teacher per school. Unfortunately, this is far from sufficient. Here are the reasons!

Children increasingly suffering from mental disabilities

In UK schools, the number of children suffering from mental illness is constantly growing. Indeed, in just 3 yearstheir workforce has increased by half. This is why it is urgent to react quickly. In addition, according to the study, children with mental disabilities have less chance to get their GCSE (the equivalent of the national patent diploma in France).

According to the government, only 40% of teachers in England say not be fit caring for children with mental disabilities. 32%meanwhile, claim to be able advise and guide students towards support programs adapted to their situation.

“Despite this backdrop of unprecedented need, inadequate training and a workforce eager to learn, training to promote healthy child development has been neglected among teachers in England, to prioritize better school results. »

Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching

Teachers needing more support

According to the Office of National Statistics, teachers need a bit more support, as they can quickly be submerged daily. This makes it difficult to track each child. However, these teaching professionals should be the first to assist these children with disabilities. Indeed, they rub shoulders with them for several hours a day and forge strong ties with them.

Teachers also need help because many of them suffer from mental disorders. This may be caused by the stress or of bad work conditions.

“It is both astonishing and alarming that teachers are not sufficiently trained for these roles. Given the essential role that schools and teachers play in the health and well-being of children (…), financing the health sector (…) would make a big difference. »

Chloe Lowry, researcher at University College London


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