Team17 abandons its Worms NFTs project after a media fiasco

Just yesterday, studio and publisher Team17 looked set to launch Metawormsa blockchain initiative that would have seen the famous earthworms of its flagship franchise worms converted into artwork for a range of procedurally generated NFTs. This was without taking into account the popular reaction: the company in collaboration with Reality Gaming was literally shot down as much by Internet users of the social network Twitter as by the collaborators of Team17… So much so that the project is now canceled.

It didn’t take long to see the first strong reactions to the Metaworms project—and they were far from warm. In addition to the boos of outraged fans of such a practice, several independent development studios partners of Team17 also took to the social network Twitter to express their disagreement with not only the initiative of their parent company, but NFTs in general. . Among the most famous studios we can mention Ghost Town (Overcooked) and Playtonic Games (Yooka-Laylee).

Difficult to continue under these conditions for Team17. The group has released a statement on the social network yesterday evening, simply announcing the end of the NFT Metaworms project. A decision that would have been made after “asee the concerns of our colleagues, development partners and our gaming communities heard“… But it’s hard to believe in a spontaneous enlightenment when you see the many, very many projects of its kind that have been booed by the public in recent months.

Team17 is just one of many players in the video game industry to have backpedaled competition downstream from a bombastic announcement of entering the blockchain market. Countless initiatives have taken a violent backlash from fan communities, rarely happy to see their favorite works sacrificed on the altar of easy money in the name of web3.

Among others, we could cite the publisher SEGA and Electronic Arts, but also the dubbing actor Troy Baker having very recently detached himself from another NFTs project turned towards voice production by artificial intelligence. Only Ubisoft seems ready to persevere on this path, and this despite the taunts…

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