Team17 Worms turn to NFTs

Team17 Worms turn to NFTs

It is no coincidence that earthworms love everything that rots: the famous franchise worms returns to center stage with the launch of an initiative NFT’s soberly titled “MetaWorms”. The Team17 studio is partnering with Reality Gaming Group for the launch of a line of non-fungible earthworm tokens, bringing together ” 26 years of history from the video game saga that is so beloved by the public.

The promise of green NFTs

It’s unclear what these NFTs will look like at present. No on-sale date has been announced, nor any concrete visual unveiled; but Reality Gaming Group specifies that it will be ” unique artwork computer-generated, without further information. Those who are interested will not have much to eat at the moment, but a Discord server is already in place for those wishing to be aware of the news of the project.

These NFTs will be integrated into a blockchain derived from that of Ethereum, with the promise of a reduced ecological impact. The initiative would thus leave a much lower carbon footprint of other companies linked to NFTs, using only a tiny part of energy to manage its transactions. Always in order to better pass the pill to the public reluctant to NFTs, Team17 announced that a partnership will be set up with the organization of “charitable NFTs”, one of the projects of which lies in the establishment of beds vermicompost (smart) to recycle food waste. None of this will solve the problem of speculation inherent in technology, but let’s move on.

Team17 is therefore yet another player in the video game industry to embark on the gold rush of NFTs and blockchain, even though the technology does not enjoy the best reputation with the general public. Other initiatives have been launched by other publishers such as Konami – which has managed to generate a small jackpot, casually – but also Ubisoft with its Quartz initiative. A semi-failure for the moment that even the French publisher cannot explain…

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