Tekken back soon? This new teaser sows doubt

Bandai Namco unveils a teaser for a new Tekken project. Between new game and remakes of all kinds, the rumors are panicking.

This weekend, fans of fighting games certainly did not miss the Evolution Championship Series, more commonly known as EVO, a competitive event that has given us some nice surprises in terms of performance, but also in terms of announcements. This is the case for the series tekken, which Bandai Namco particularly pampered. First, holders of Tekken 7 will soon be entitled to a free update.

The firm shared a trailer on Twitter to announce this novelty, which arrives on August 17. But that’s not all. In its message, Bandai Namco advises us to stay until the end of the video, so that’s what we did. Around a minute and forty seconds, a cutscene starts, and we easily recognize the character of Kazuya Mishima who throws his father from the top of the cliff.

The graphics make us say that this is a cinematic taken from tekken on PS1, which blows a hell of a wind of nostalgia on the franchise. But at the end of the scene, as the camera gets closer to the face of the fighter, the graphics change and give way to an extremely modern version of Kazuya which is not a priori drawn from any known game. So is this a teaser for the next game tekken 8 ?

As far as this assertion is concerned, nothing is less certain. For many this is indeed the first sign of a new opus… but that does not tell us that it will be new. The fact that Bandai Namco chose a scene from almost 30 years ago may also portend the arrival of a remaster or remake of one of the first games in the franchise. For the moment, the studio has not spoken on this teaser, so we will have to be content with guesses.

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