Tencent can no longer market new games in China

The Chinese government has once again taken a turn for the worse in its already very restrictive video game policy. After limiting the playing time of young people under 18 to a few hours per week, the China has just banned the giant Tencent (the world’s largest publisher in terms of turnover) from updating its titles or marketing new games, a restrictive measure which only concerns (fortunately for Tencent) the Chinese market alone.


The editor of Honor of Kings does not seem too panicked by this situation… which he has known in the past. Indeed, the Chinese administration in charge of checking the content of video games (and other media circulating in China) spends so much time on its task that it sometimes creates a bottleneck. The launch of new games as well as the updates are then put on hold until the situation returns to “normal”. In fact, the Chinese government insisted that the blocking of Tencent was “A temporary administrative measure”.

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