Tesla has (briefly) exceeded $ 1 trillion in capitalization

In the wake of the excellent results published a few days ago and the $ 4.2 billion contract signed between Tesla and Hertz (the car rental company has just ordered 100,000 Tesla vehicles), the Tesla share has literally taken off. on the New York Stock Exchange. This Monday, for a brief moment, the group’s capitalization even exceeded 1000 billion dollars in capitalization when the share price reached 998.22 dollars!


Few of the US listed companies cross the trillion dollar mark. For 10 years, only Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon have achieved this. The automaker therefore joins the prestigious circle of hyper profitable tech companies. Tesla stock is hovering around $ 990 now, but may well rebound in the face of the wave of good news. We have just learned that according to JATO Dynamics, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in Europe over the last month, even ahead of thermal models!

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