Tesla is still the world’s leading electric car maker

Can Tesla stay at the top of the ranking of electric car manufacturers for long? The question arose in the first half, as Chinese rival BYD devoured market share…

Tesla has taken a step ahead in the electric car market, launching very early on a segment shunned by other manufacturers. The American group took its revenge and now the competition is trying to catch up. By multiplying billions of investment, traditional manufacturers are gradually gaining market share.

Shadow of BYD

However, Tesla retains its first place in the ranking of electric cars… Unless not? A controversy has erupted over the performance of the Chinese group BYD (“Build Your Dreams”) which, in the first half of the year, sold 647,914 electrified cars in China. Opposite, Tesla has sold 564,000 worldwide…

After having escaped it for a long time, Tesla has been facing the same difficulties as the rest of the industry for several months: rising costs for transport and raw materials, shortage of components, re-containments in China. The Gigafactory in Shanghai precisely had to reduce its activity, thus limiting the manufacturer’s production.

For its part, BYD does not have a factory in Shanghai and its domestic market, although huge, is less complex to serve than that of Tesla. Although the company has relied on electricity for the past fifteen years, it mainly sold cars with traditional combustion engines. The craving of Chinese motorists for electric cars (well pushed by the authorities) has however benefited him.

However, Tesla remains (for the moment) the leading manufacturer of electric cars. Half of BYD’s electricity production sold in the first half of the year is indeed made up of plug-in hybrid vehicles, when Tesla only sells 100% electric models. Honor is therefore safe, but until when?

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