Tesla presented an amazing product to increase the autonomy of its cars

Tesla is working on a trailer equipped with deploying solar panels to collect as much energy as possible. An amazing concept that the manufacturer should not market, unless the interest is there.

In Hanover, the IdeenExpo show was the scene of an unprecedented presentation of Tesla. The American manufacturer has unveiled a trailer that deploys solar panels. Enough to recharge the battery of a Model 3! And Tesla did not stop there: the trailer is equipped with a Starlink receiver to hook up the SpaceX subsidiary’s satellite internet network.

A trailer full of talents

The idea is interesting. Several manufacturers are developing solar cell systems to power vehicle batteries, but this is still a field of research. Owners of electric cars have also thought of trailers to increase their autonomy. But this is the first time that Tesla has confirmed its interest in this area.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not give any details, and even less if he intended to market such a trailer. Nevertheless, the energy input of the device is quite modest. If these are 300W panels, and they already look too small for that, the maximum the trailer could generate would be 2.7kW, in other words something like 80km per day (or one-third without deploying all the panels).

Is the game worth the candle? For some motorists, probably! Maybe Tesla wanted to gauge the public’s interest in this type of product, and based on the feedback, the automaker can improve fuel efficiency. It is also very interesting to note that the company’s participation in these fairs is often limited to a talent recruitment exercise. In Hanover, she wanted to mark the occasion with an attraction that is out of the ordinary.

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