Tesla will unveil its humanoid robot Optimus at its AI Day #2 conference on August 19!

We were expecting it for September, it will finally be visible from this month of August. You’re here had however unveiled a few days ago the “invitation card” of his next AI Daywith the hands of the humanoid robot as a teaser Optimus and below the date of the event then set for September 30. Elon Musk in person finally published a corrective tweet in which he clarified that theAI Day #2 will be held on August 19nearly a month 1/2 before the expected date!

Optimus Tesla Robot

Tesla therefore seems ready to unveil a working prototype of its robot, a prospect that intrigues specialists in the sector, the latter believing in the vast majority that the EV manufacturer could not achieve in such a short time a bipedal robot of this size (let alone already functional). Tesla still aims to market Optimus next year, which again makes many analysts and specialists particularly skeptical. But after all, almost no one believed that SpaceX would manage to land its rockets vertically so quickly… Have Elon Musk’s teams once again managed to achieve the impossible? See you on August 19 to find out everything!

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