test and opinion on the most compact Bluetooth speaker of the moment

Succeeding an incredibly popular Mini T6, the Tronsmart Mini T7 has a reputation to uphold; that of doing better, if not more than its predecessor. Knowing the expertise of the manufacturer Tronsmart, which has become the benchmark for mini speakers, we expect a device a step above.

Does the reality meet our expectations? Does this new model have real added value? Here is our opinion on the most compact Bluetooth speaker of the moment.

Tronsmart Mini T7: the design

With the Tronsmart Mini T7 is not a pale copy of the previous model. In terms of dimensions and shapes, but also aesthetics, it has undergone major changes.

Sizes and shapes

The Mini T6 was already well appreciated for its dimensions. With the all-new Mini T7, we are on a relatively similar model, but with notable differences. Indeed, the Tronsmart Mini T7 is much shorter, at 108 mm high (4.25 inches) against 120 mm for the Mini T6.

On the other hand, it has a larger diameter, 102 mm in diameter (4.02 inches) against 92 mm for the Mini T6. Thanks to this redesign of dimensions, the new enclosure has been lightened by 60 g, going from 560 g to 500 g. It retains the usual cylindrical shape for this range, while being more compact.


Like the Mini T6, this new edition of mini speakers from Tronsmart has several buttons: On/Off – Play/Pause – volume. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a microphone that allows you to use the voice assistant to dispense with physical commands.

Versatile, the Mini T7 supports most voice assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant which allows you to personalize your music experience. To distinguish itself, the Mini T7 incorporates a rhythmic light system, with 7 rhythmic LED modes (green – sky blue – dark blue – yellow – purple – pink – orange).

This makes it the perfect ambiance gadget. It is perfectly suited to liven up your evenings, since the LEDs light up and go out to the rhythm of the music. Of course, it is possible to activate and deactivate to save battery. The new enclosure has been equipped with a removable portable fabric strap that makes it easier to carry the device. It can also be used to attach the device to your bag if you go hiking or for a walk.


If there is one point on which the Mini T7 surpasses the previous model, it is on its protection index. With its IPX6 index, the Mini T6 was already, at the time, much more waterproof than competing models of the same generation.

This new generation therefore goes up a notch in the degree of sealing, with an IPX7 index. It protects the device against dirt and dust, rain and snow. The enclosure can also withstand immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 m.

Tronsmart Mini T7: Power and sound

The speaker output power of Tronsmart Mini T7 is the same as the previous generation at 15 Watts. It embeds the True Wireless stereo function which makes it easy to pair two Tronsmart T7 speakers in order to increase the output power to 30 W and double the sound.

Being the mini vision of the Tronsmart T7, the Mini T7 incorporates almost similar sound hardware, with a woofer and tweeter that delivers punchy bass boosted by its ultra-compact size. On the Mini T7, the frequency range is between 20 Hz – 20 kHz, compared to 20 Hz – 16 kHz for the Mini T6. Clearly, this new loudspeaker offers a higher frequency range than the previous generation. It is characterized above all by a powerful stereo sound.

Tronsmart Mini T7: battery and autonomy

With the Tronsmart Mini T6, the autonomy is extended up to 24 hours when the volume level is maintained at 50% and can drop to 20 hours, when the listening conditions change. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the Mini T6 is capable of lasting up to 18 hours when the LEDs are off and 8 hours with the LEDs on.

As for the charging time, it is 3 hours. Even though the Mini T7 speaker is a wireless model, it has a Type-C port, with an input power of 5V-1A compatible with a Type-C charging cable to recharge the battery.

Tronsmart Mini T7: Connectivity and Modes

For this Tronsmart speaker, 3 game modes have been provided, constituting the bulk of the connectivity.


In terms of connectivity, the Tronsmart Mini T7 features Bluetooth 5.3, the most advanced generation. It allows the speaker to be paired with any other Bluetooth-enabled device over a distance of up to 18 meters in open space, which is remarkable for such a small device.

Thanks to this device, you can play music from a tablet, smartphone or computer, regardless of the operating system (Android, iOS, Huawei) and the environment (forest, mountain, city, etc.) .

SD card

Have the Tronsmart Mini T7, you can play music without Bluetooth. Indeed, the device has a port for micro SD that can accommodate a micro SD card or a TF card.

Aux-in jack

Apart from the Type-C port which is used for recharging the battery, the Bluetooth speaker has an Aux-in output compatible with an auxiliary input cable. It allows you to establish a wired connection between the speaker and a device that does not have a Bluetooth connection for music playback.

What to remember about the Tronsmart Mini T7 speaker?

At the end of this review on the Tronsmart Mini T7 speaker, what should we remember concretely?

An outdoor speaker

With the Tronsmart Mini T7, we are typically on a pure strain outdoor speaker, both in its form and in its functionality. With its ultra-compact shape, it can be taken everywhere, without weighing a heavy top of 500 g.

In the range of mini speakers, it is above all more compact than the previous model, in addition to its protection index which is a notch above.

A wide range Bluetooth connection

While most Bluetooth speakers of the same generation are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, the Mini T7 stands out with its 5.3 connection which offers an exceptional range of 18 meters. A feat for such a small device.

Powerful stereo sound

In terms of sound power, the Mini T7 imitates its big sister, the Tronsmart T7, which produces super stereo sound thanks to its two tweeters and its woofer. In addition to the hardware, the speaker also owes its sound quality to its cylindrical shape, which creates surround sound.

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