[Test] Beats Studio Buds: Beats’ first ANC intras are a success

The Beats Studio Buds are the intras of all the “premieres” for Beats: premieres True Wireless ANC (active noise reduction), the brand’s first intras to release the Lightning port for USB Type-C, and this time a wide opening towards the Android ecosystem despite the paternity of Apple (Google Fast Pair and Android compatibility Find My Device). So many new features for the same model, it is a priori very good, but what about comfort, sound and everyday use?

A design without daring

In terms of design, the Beats look a bit (a lot?) Like the intras presented recently by several manufacturers (Enco Buds from Oppo, Galaxy Buds Pro from Samsung, Redmi Buds 3 Pro from Xiaomi, etc.). We therefore end up with a white, red or black shell-charger in the shape of a small, smooth pebble, a shell that contains two wireless headphones. 3 pairs of tips of different sizes are delivered with the intras. The installation of the Beats Studio Buds does not pose any particular concerns.

Beats Studio Buds 2

Personally, I still felt a nice suction cup effect in the ears despite the design of this model supposed to avoid this kind of inconvenience, but other people around me to whom I had the device try did not feel any discomfort (not everyone has the same ear pin…).

Beats Studio Buds 5

Simple as a click

Pairing with the iPhone is just as simple as ever: a simple long press on the small button inside the shell (with the headphones inside), and the Beats Studio Buds are immediately recognized by my iPhone 12 Pro, the small one bonus animation. On Android, you still have to go through the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone (no H1 or W1 chip). In terms of ergonomics, Beats went to the simplest: the visible part of the headphones actually acts like a press button. One click pauses, two quick clicks to go to the next song and three clicks to go back to the previous song. And the volume? It can only be managed from the iPhone or the Android smartphone, which is not very practical.

Beats Studio Buds 3

Not for all uses

In terms of uses, it quickly seems clear that the Beats Studio Pro is not suitable for all categories of users. In some apps such as games, sound latency is unfortunately particularly noticeable. You are gamer mobile? So forget this model. Strangely, there is no longer any latency on YouTube, which suggests that the headset adapts to certain content… and not to others (and therefore, not with games…). The use of the hands-free kit is also not recommended: the voice of the other party is most of the time inaudible, even more outdoors. On the other hand, it’s all good with Apple Music and audio streams in general, wherever they come from. The ANC works well, even if outside a bit noisy, we still hear a little something (in medium volume). For safety reasons, it is really not recommended to wear it at high volume (ANC activated) while walking the streets (impossible to hear a car arriving in this case).

Beats Studio Buds 6

A balanced and qualitative sound rendering

Regarding the sound rendering, therefore, the Beats Studio Pro are doing better than with honors. The thundering and invasive bass, long the “signature” of Beats, here gives way to a nuanced and balanced sound reproduction, on the bass, the mids and even the treble (sometimes a little too metallic for the latter). In addition, the voices have a beautiful presence. Tried with different musical genres, these intras have demonstrated a real capacity for adaptation. Symphonic orchestras or synth pads do not end in mush, the instrumentals of a live Jazz seem to pierce space, and icing on the membrane, a little more punchy pieces find the famous “bass Beats”, as if these intras knew when to send the sauce at the right time. On Spatial Audio, the result is frankly very good, with the location of the different sound sources really convincing.

Beats Studio Buds 1

Autonomy: sound that lasts

The Beats Studio Buds are true marathoners: count around 8 hours on a charge (5 hours with ANC activated) to which you must add 3 additional charges via the charger case. This gives us 32 hours of listening in total autonomy.

Conclusion: excellent on the essentials

The Beats Studio Buds change a lot of things in the brand’s universe (ANC, USB-type C), but it’s ultimately on the fundamentals that these intras are most solid, which is ultimately the essential: comfort and ease of use, quality sound reproduction for a model of this type (and this price), great autonomy, it does not take more today to claim excellence in the segment of True Wireless in-ear headphones .

Studio Buds beats are available for € 149.95 on Amazon, Darty, Fnac or Cdiscount

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